RFID book management technology makes reading easier! 2019-05-22
With the rapid progress of the times, the culture of learning has become more developed, and the phenomenon of knowledge economy has become increasingly prominent. Various libraries have become a frequent destination for consulting services. And because of the variety of books, the huge number, the fast and fast borrowing, and other major phenomena plagued the staff. RFID book intelligent management technology uses automatic identification technology and radio frequency communication technology, non-contact automatic identification technology. In recent years, RFID technology has become a star of attention for libraries. RFID book management technology makes reading easier!

The RFID "Smart Collection System" includes a series of automated management systems such as librarian service system, chip conversion system, self-service borrowing system, self-service returning system, collection and inventory system, and channel detection system. Each book is tagged with an RFID tag and the RFID checker is installed at the exit of the library. When someone leaves the library and carries an unchecked RFID-tagged book or other media material, the RFID checker will sound an alarm. If someone tries to avoid the alarm and take the book, the library can still track the book and put it in the same place.

Advanced service model

After the reader enters the library, he or she can first retrieve the book on the self-service device. The borrowing of books is self-help. The reader puts the selected book in front of the automatic borrower and pays his own "one card". The machine will automatically scan and then print out the book receipt. When the book is returned, the book is placed in the automatic book return box, and the system automatically recognizes the book and processes it. In the process of borrowing books and returning books, the staff has little time to intervene. The counter workstation can simultaneously Handling borrowing and returning books, and can handle other more complicated tasks, such as: renewing, fines, etc. The self-checking system outside the library is available 24 hours a day. Reading of electronic books and periodicals, searching for electronic materials Very convenient.

RFID book management technology

When the library is in stock, the librarian can read it by holding the collection and checking system on the shelf. The inventory time is very short. It takes a few people to work for a few months, and one person can complete it in half a day. It's easy to find books that are not on the shelf or in a mess, which saves manpower and material resources, and gives employees more time to help readers or add more services.

RFID electronic tags have more advantages than bar codes:

The data can be updated: After the barcode is printed, it cannot be changed. The RFID electronic label can add, modify, and delete the data stored in the label without limiting the number of times.

Convenient data reading: The bar code reader can read the scanning light source on the bar code at close range without object blocking. The RFID tag can transmit signals as long as it is within the radio wave range.

The storage data capacity is large: the one-dimensional barcode is 50 bytes, the maximum capacity of the two-dimensional barcode can be stored from 2 to 3000 bytes; the maximum capacity of the RFID tag can reach several megabytes.

Reusable: The bar code ends with the end of the product's life; the RFID tag can be reused because it is updatable.

Fast scanning speed: Several data can be read at the same time. The barcode reader can only read a single barcode data at a time; the RFID tag identifier can identify multiple tags at the same time.

Good security: RFID tags are password protected, and highly secure protection measures make them difficult to forge.

Durability: Generally, traditional paper or plastic bar codes are sometimes difficult to identify due to damage caused by rain or moisture and handling. RFID has the characteristics of repeated use of hundreds of thousands or even millions of times, and its material can be placed in a harsh environment, so it is more durable than bar code, and the natural cost is also saved.

Small size: Traditional magnetic barcodes are limited in size and are not easily embedded in smaller items. RFID is not the case, its mini size can be hidden in a variety of items.

The implementation of RFID management technology can enable readers to self-help, return books, fast inventory operations, security access control, etc., library inventory work will save a lot of manpower and time. RFID has the characteristics of wireless real-time data transmission, which can quickly read multiple tags at the same time, making the inventory work really fast, accurate and efficient. With the RFID reading and writing device, readers can self-complete borrowing and returning books, so that the library can increase the circulation rate and simplify the lending process under limited human resources, thereby improving the service quality of library staff and libraries.

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